Capitol Store Fixtures featured in CBS Article

If your dream job includes bringing a pooch to work with you, smaller businesses in Sacramento are often the best places to apply. Numerous studies have shown the health and productivity benefits of having pets in the workplace, and doing so can be a win-win for all involved. While not all types of businesses are appropriate for furry friends, these local employers are fully sold on the idea. 


Appropriately enough, poodle and Pekingese mix Elvis is a fixture in the Capitol Store Fixtures showroom. CSF specializes in promotional, sales and merchandising products for small and large businesses and groups. Elvis was rescued by owner Vicki Pelc and has been providing his own brand of customer service for years. CSF has no official dog policy or pet-related benefits, but calm, friendly pets of employees and customers are always welcome. Pelc keeps the overall environment fun, relaxed and positive, which translates to a happier and more productive staff. And Elvis offers an additional bonus for interested customers; a free shoe shine as he rolls happily at their feet.