Minimal Inventory Merchandising

One of the most important aspects of any retail environment is the placement and aesthetic of the product itself. Merchandising can make all the difference in a product flying off the shelf or sitting stagnant for months. When I walk into a store and see a shelf that is half empty and scattered about, I immediately have the impression that either these are the last bits of merchandise that didn’t sell, or that the store is going out of business. It is very important to make even the products that are the last few remaining look appealing.

To accomplish this it is always better to cluster the products closer together in some sort of theme and leave an obvious empty area on the shelf. This highlights the product rather than diffuse it by spreading it out. Eye level areas should always have your most profitable items on them and they should be well stocked and pleasantly arranged. Do not overstock the shelves, or arrange the merchandise in a manner which may be difficult for the customer to handle.

In all stores there are areas that can be identified as “hot spots” where anything you place in that location seems to fly out the door. Use this to your advantage and your regular customers will think you are always getting new merchandise in the store. When stock gets low it is important to move it to a new location and put something new in its place. Moving things around will give the impression of new merchandise and regular customers may notice something they missed on a previous visit. Having an assortment of store fixtures available to quickly change the look and location of your product will help you accomplish this.

If you need merchandising tips or help deciding which fixture will be best suited to you product we are always happy to help. Just give us a call. If you are new at merchandising and need some in store assistance we provide that service as well.

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